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Word Nerd Fun #1
Word Nerd Fun #1 (Junior)
Fun #1 allows puzzlers to solidify their short word (2-4 letters) knowledge and hone their "bingo" (7-8 letter word) knowledge. Its 50 puzzles (13 different types) focus on different elements important to learning words, particularly ones useful for the games of Scrabble®, Boggle®, & Bananagrams®.
Fun #1 (Junior) sets out to give youth (primarily aged 12 and below) the opportunity to learn about how letters interact to make words and how words are relatable to one another. Its 50 puzzles (12 different types) introduce puzzlers to many skills important to being successful in word games (incorporating blanks, anagrams, spelling, etc.). Several puzzles also challenge students to associate numeric values to letters and, ultimately, to words (as done in the game of Scrabble®).
Samples: TOC   #1   #2
Samples: TOC   #1   #2
Prices: These books are $12 each but discounts come with bulk purchases.
Interested parties should email the author: wordnerdauthor@gmail.com

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